In my own life, and for the purposes of these cleaning columns, I aspire to a zero-clutter kitchen. In the evenings, I dutifully re-home my kids’ artwork and sort the mail and put away the dry dishes to get the countertops clean. I’m pretty ruthless with my gadget drawers and pantry. And for someone who loves to entertain, I feel like I have a fairly minimal glassware collection.

But sometimes I see someone’s cluttered kitchen, bursting with so much charm, and I can’t help but fall in love with it. So often people’s personalities come through when their favorite items are on display, whether it’s crocks and crocks of wooden spoons or just stacks of monochrome dishware. In this era of so many people striving to be minimalist, bohemian maximalism feels refreshing. Don’t believe me? Here are eight kitchens that make clutter look good.

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