We all use our phones, tablets, or laptops when we cook. Sometimes, we use all three at once! (Gotta check the Insta, follow along with a recipe, and play some tunes, right?) And you’re bound to need some extra juice at some point. The only problem with chargers in the kitchen — or anywhere, really — is that the cords fall to the ground the second you unplug them.

Not if you use this bread tag hack, though! Simply use washi tape or painter’s tape to secure the tag (clasp side up) to the edge of your counter. Then, just slide your cables through the hole and the tag will keep the chargers in place once you unplug.

If you don’t have a dough scraper, you can use a bread tag in a pinch. It’s obviously smaller, so it will take more time, but it’s still pretty efficient at scraping up dough and random grossness from your countertops. Note: An old credit card will work here too!

This story was originally published at thekitchn.com

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